Letter #30

“The more of me I be,
The clearer I can see.”
― Rachel Andrews

Some days are easier than others. Some days I wish I had never crossed paths with you. Although I know that regret is not healthy, I can’t help but feel it more on some days. On those days it makes it harder to breathe peace. I pray and try my best to stay out of my own heart.

There won’t be peace within me until I let go.

Let go of memories.
Let go of closure.
Let go of life expectations.
Let go of what was and will no longer be, with you.

Letting go happens more than once. I know that now. I accept it. I also know that just because I accept it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. I let go of us with every memory that comes to mind. I let go so I can have clarity.
Clarity to make decisions for me.
Clarity so that I can find the path to myself.
Clarity to learn my lesson, apply it and grow.

But today, I will allow my tears to slowly erase your name from my heart.

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