Letter #26

“Each new chapter of our lives requests an old part of us to fall and a new part of us to rise.”
-Jenna Galbut

I decided that I deserve all that is beautiful in life.
I know that in order to welcome all the beauty in life, I must first let go of what I used to be…not because the past version of myself was not good enough.

It was enough for that chapter in my life.

I need to let that version of myself go, so I can make room for a new, stronger, more beautiful version of myself.

The version of myself that understands that people will form opinions of me and I have nothing to do with those opinions. Because they are simply that, opinions. I have come to learn that opinions are the lowest level of thinking because you don’t need facts to form them.

I have learned so much.

I am learning to do away with timelines and social pressures…the married life, the kids, the house, the expectations to be perfect. I am learning to live in my truth.

My truth. It is hard to live in your truth when you don’t embrace it. I am embracing it and I will use it as my strength. Living my truth requires me to trust that there is a path in this world for me that is filled with beauty.

Living in my truth is accepting that it’s ok to still feel pain, still have doubts, still miss my past life…It’s ok to look through the rearview mirror of life, while driving forward. Briefly, of course…I wouldn’t want to miss the amazing things in front of me.

I am internalizing that from these life lessons I can still be soft and love deeply, but not foolishly.

I am learning how to set boundaries because my heart deserves the best. I am learning that I must always put myself first. Therefore, I must trust myself. I may not trust others fully, but I’m ok with that…It doesn’t mean I’m jaded. It just means that I have to set higher expectations when it comes to trusting others.

I am learning that if the pain was deep, I will have to let it go many times.

In the meantime, I will live for today in the smallest moments of life.

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