Letter #13

“Nothing can last forever.
There isn’t any memory, no matter how intense, that doesn’t fade out at last.”
― Juan Rulfo

There are no more happy anniversaries between us. When we started dating, every 13th of the month he would tell me happy anniversary. It became our thing. It was fun and special to me. I will treasure those moments, forever.

It is in these small expressions of love that some people find it so hard to let go. It’s never easy to let go of these small moments in life. They are what make us feel special, loved, thought of, seen. I know this date and many others will hurt. I also know that I will be alright. I have taught myself strategies to help ease the pain and slowly allow my heart to let go.

Thank you for showing me romance in the smallest of moments. Whoever comes next in your life will hopefully embrace this special quality about you.

The quality I loved so much.

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