Letter #19

“Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.”
― Mandy Hale

There are days I find it challenging to get back to myself… A new version of myself. However, I know that I am doing a good job on loving myself because it is reflected in my response to life.

Despite all I have experienced lately, I feel grateful for the life I get to live. As a friend says, “Some people didn’t get a chance to wake up today.” Raw, yet so true. What people don’t tell you though is that choosing to be grateful can be harder than anything else.

Currently, I am searching to figure out what my next chapter in life will look like…Whatever it is I know that I want it to grow me, challenge me, inspire others and bring me joy.

As for my love life, I am slowing allowing myself to be unafraid and open….But I will guard my heart because I am now aware that actions speak louder than words. I will not allow myself to settle for anything less than the actions of love towards me. I am not searching for perfection because it doesn’t exist. Just because I am aware that perfection does not exist doesn’t mean I will give up on setting high standards for whoever enters my life…If I have high standards for myself, then I must have them for the person who wishes to hold my heart.

I know that I am worthy of a love that is patient, loyal, forgiving, respectful, rare, mutual, brave, selfless…I now know that love is not enough for a healthy relationship. It requires so much more than just love. The daily actions toward one another in a relationship are the culmination to love. And I think that is beautiful.

Not perfect, but beautiful.

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