Letter #16

“And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”
– J.K. Rowling

This week I broke my morning routine. In that moment I realized that it is so challenging for me to break a routine. It’s challenging for me to change.

I just wanted to sit and feel the heavy silence of my morning. I had to give myself permission to be ok. Ok with slowing down. Ok with doing something different. It’s ok to change.

It is ok to live life differently.

Through this process I realized that all of my life I have only known how to do what I am “supposed” to do. I am “supposed” to get and education – grow in my career – get married – build a home – and have a family.  I strived to follow the outline of life.

However, what do I do now that I have broken free to choose my happiness over what I am supposed to do?
What do I do when I have broken traditions of being the Mexican wife that takes it all without complaints?

Why does this change in my life cause me to have so many insecurities?

I know deep within that I will be fine – better than fine. I am brave. I do things with elegance and grace.

No matter how uncertain my future is right now, I will change to find my joy. The joy that left with the one I was “supposed” to live my life with, forever.

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